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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 39 and 40

Week 6 days 4 and 5

Cardio day on Tuesday. Had a great run and really pushed myself. New distance of 2.89.

LBWO yesterday on Day 40. Was pretty good. Upped my weights a touch squats and calf raises. Squats are still killers but really seeing my quads start to pop out now and feeling the workour more that leg press or leg extensions.

Eating was good for both days. Getting kinda tired of chicken so switched up a bit and had a lean steak on tuesday and some baby shrimp yesterday on a salad for my dinners. Starting to slip back into drinking diet pepsi. Need to put a full halt on that again and go back to my iced green tea with meals.

Last day of week six today. Time is a flying.

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