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Monday, September 27, 2010

Days 64 and 65

Week 10 Days 1 and 2

Had a very good LBWO on Saturday. Switched back to leg press after a month of squats. Up to 8 45lb plates for my 6 rep set and 6 45lb plates for my 12 rep super set. Up to 4 45lb plates for my calf raises.

Good run yesterday. Hit a new record distance after a week or so of not improving. I think I could have done even better except I got a stitch in my side around min 16. All and all a good start to week 10. Hoping for sub 220lb weigh in at the end of this week.

Week 9

Week 9

Busy week and I sadly didn't have time to keep up to date on my blog. Overall was a good week. All my weights were very good. Switched up a couple exercises. My cardios were good but not great, seem to be plateauing a little in my distances. All were still good runs and I was sweating a ton and felt like I was pushing hard, just didn't see any improvement in my distances.

Eating was spot on the whole week. Free day was controlled and I didn't go over board. End of week 9 weigh in was 222.4 lbs. Down 23 lbs so far. Waist was 41". Down 7 inches there. Tried on a pair of size 36 jeans at the store. They did up, but tight in the waist. Size 34 a no go but still 3 weeks till the end of the challenge to hit that goal which is the last one to hit on my original list.

The BFL lifestyle has really become second nature to me now. When I started it seemed like BFL was consuming all of my thoughts. Constantly thinking about eating, training etc. Now it just happens. I don't have to spend hrs planning my meals, I just make sure the house is stocked with the foods I need and eating clean just is just what i do. Same with workouts. I longer think in terms of , its week 9 day 4. Its more, oh, its Monday, that means UBWO this week. Going to the gym is just what I do.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Days 54 and 55

Week 8 days 5 & 6

Well today is day 56 and my free day. Given the trip down to see the family tomorrow I am making this week 9 day 1 and taking my free day tomorrow. So eating clean today and heading to the gym for my UBWO this afternoon. Not sure how that will affect the week, but seems like a reasonable way to make sure I don't miss any workouts and frees myself up to enjoy myself tomorrow.

Did my normal weekly weigh in today. 224lbs. Down 21.5 net lbs so far. Will be doing my measurements and pics tomorrow before we hit the road.

Day 55 Cardio. Had a nagging headache all day but still went and did my run. Wasn't my best effort, but surprisingly wasn't to far off my best pace. Wouldn't say I hit my 10 today, which is a first for me on cardio. But, given the headache it was the best I could do under the circumstances.

Day 54 LWBO. Had a good lower body workout. Hit my 10 on quads but only a good 9 on hammys and calves. Due to timing reasons was the first time going without Cathy who went later on in the evening. Really felt odd not having her there with me.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 53

Week 8 day 4

Cardio day. Our workout session got delayed by a little crisis. Stepped on Cathy's glasses so we had to hunt around to find a store open that could straighten then out for her. Finally did but ended up not getting to the gym till after 7pm.

Still got a great run in, right on my top pace to date. Noticing a little plateau in my running the last week. Still right on pace but not really improving as fast as I was. I guess that's to be expected considering the massive gains I had made in the last 2 months over where I started. Going to have to dig deeper and push myself harder to keep improving.

Due to the glasses issue my eating got a bit screwed up in the timing. Went 4hrs between meal 4 and 5 and ended up eating my 6th just 20mins before bed instead of 1hr or more. Not a biggie as meal 6 is mostly protein with very little carbs.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 52

Week 8 day 3

Upper Body today. Had a very good workout. Weights up in all exercises. Getting closer to what I used to lift back in my 20's.

Found out I have some family flying out from Ontario this week. Heading down to the coast for the weekend to see them. Looking forward to seeing everyone, but at the same time kinda bummed as I had kinda planned on not seeing my sisters until Thanksgiving in the last week of the challenge. Really wanted to surprise everyone as I haven't told them I was doing BFL.

The changes I have experienced are very noticeable now, and I'm sure everyone will be happy for me, just not quite where I was hoping to be when I saw then. Oh well, just have to keep working hard to shock them even more at Thanksgiving then continue on working my butt off to be in top shape for Christmas.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 50 and 51

Week 8 Days 1 & 2

Eating back on track for both days after free day. I kept free day in check very well this week. Small meal of Chinese food (nothing deep fried) little bit of ice cream and some popcorn. Oh and my 2 Molson 67's. I swear, those 2 beers on Friday every week are the best beer I have ever had.

Really amazing the difference keeping free in check makes. I weighed in on Free day morning at 226.4lbs. After a mostly clean free day 229. As opposed to the 6+ lbs I have seen on other free days. I know that every week the "free day" weight is usually gone in a day or two as it's mostly water retention from sodium. Still, especially now that I am in the finishing stretch, I begrudge every day that free day takes to get back to losing pounds.

Day 51. Cardio Day. Had a good run. Right on my best pace.I am still amazed at what your mind can do, even when your body is saying stop. Min 18 and 19 every time is a mental gut check to finish strong.

Day 50 - Start of week 8 . Did our weekly measurements. Down another 1"on the belly and hips. Everything else pretty much the same. At an interesting point in this with certain body areas. Places like my arms, shoulders and chest are no longer shrinking in net inches, yet at the same time they are definitely changing in appearance.

Take my upper arms for instance. They have been at 15.75-16 inches the entire time, yet at the start I could pinch a good amount of fat both on the top and in Tricep area. Now, not so much. Seems like most of the inches disappearing now is the the "trouble spots". Around the abdomen for the most part.

LBWO after the weekly session with the measuring tape. Had a great work out. Upped my squat weight to 170lbs for my 6 rep and 90lbs for my 12 rep super set. Followed with 240lbs on the leg press for the second 1/2 of the super set, up from 180.

In between sets I jumped on the incline sit up bench as it was right beside the smith machine. I tried doing incline sit ups in week 3 I think it was and could barely do 1. Hurt my lower back and I just didn't have the ab strength to do full sit ups. It was a big pump to get on it and pump out my sets of abs. It was still challenging but I could and did do it!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 49!

Day 49! 7 weeks done.

Above is a picture I took of myself this morning wearing the size 42 jeans I was wearing when I started my challenge on July 24th. At that time they were not super tight but tight enough I didn't need a belt to keep them up.

Some quick stats from this mornings weigh in.

Weight 226lbs -19lbs net
Body Fat 27.33% down from 34.76% -7.43% BF
Body Composition : Fat 61.68 lbs down from 85.3lbs -23.62 lbs of fat.
Lean Muscles 164.5 up from 160lbs. +4.5lbs of lean muscle.

All and all I am very pumped with my results so far.

Its free day today again. But no plans for anything to outrageous. Going to go have a couple Molson 67's with a buddy then pick up a sub or something for dinner. Have some yummy chocolate ice cream as my treat for the day. Other than that normal meal plan. Eggs and oatmeal, mid morning and afternoon shake and some chicken and veggies for lunch. No workout, but i will take the dogs for a nice long walk tonight weather permitting.

Days 47 and 48

Week 7 Days 5 & 6

Day 48 Last cardio of the week. Had a good run, just slightly off my best pace to date. Did an extra abs workout afterwards, which I have been doing on weeks with only one LWBO. Good day at the gym. Got up a very good sweat.

Eating has been fine. I feel like I have got my portions and food choices just right. Not getting hungry in between meals. Have lots of energy. Getting good sleep at night.

Day 47 Had a very good upper body work out. Really tried to hit that 10 on all my body pasts. Didn't get it on everything but for an odd reason. Weights were to light! Using the same weights as Saturday which provided me with a very tough workout they were two light to really have that 10 feeling on chest, biceps and shoulders. Still a very good workout though.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Days 45 and 46

Week 7 days 3 and 4

Day 46. Cardio day once again. Had a fantastic run. I was really in the zone today. Broke 3.00km in 20 mins for the first time. Ended at 3.05. Sweating buckets from min 5 to the end. In 7 weeks I have added a full KM in the 20min time frame.

Eating was clean for both days. Had my weekly salmon last night. Very tasty. Have cut out the WW pasta so far this week. Having a portion of fruit instead with my evening meal. Cantalope or Strawberries. Trying to cut out the starchy carbs in my evening meal and it seems to be working. I seem to be falling into a bad habit of weighing myself every morning. I've been happy this week to see a daily drop on the scale but I should probably try and break that habit and go back to weekly.

Day 45 was LBWO day. Got to the gym at our normal time only to find it closed early for the Labor Day holiday. Total bummer, 44 days without a missed workout and I was damned if we were going to miss one now.

So, we headed back home to try and figure out how to get our Leg workout in with no weights at all at home. Hamstrings were no problem, we did walking lunges and dead lifts with some water jugs. Quads and calves though were an issue. Need more weight than a couple water jugs are going to give me. I ended up tossing Cathy over my shoulders in a fireman's carry and squatting her holding various items to increase the weight. It was a good workout but her constant laughter made it a little hard to focus ;). Piggy backed her for my Calf raises. Not quite as good a workout as at the gym, but did we ever have fun. Good for the soul.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 43 and 44

Week 7 Day 1 and 2

Started out Week 7 with a bang. Great UBWO. Hit 10's in chest,shoulders and back. We have been doing wide grip pull ups on the assist tower for a couple weeks now for back. That thing is the devil, but man what a great back workout it gives.

Day 44 was Cardio. Had my best run to date. Hit 2.94 in 20 minutes. Looks like we are picking up a used treadmill for home so I am considering doing cardio daily and twice on cardio day for the last 6 weeks. Probably not a full on HIIT everyday, but getting in a 30min jog anyways.

Back to eating my normal 6 meals. Its kinda funny how that is what feels normal to me now and free day seems abnormal. While I feel like I have done a good job on keeping free day under control, but Friday evening I am still looking forward to Saturday and getting back into the routine. Where as before I used food for comfort, I am finding that comfort in my routine and workouts.

After study of my food intake for the last 2 weeks I am making some adjustments. Over all I'm not getting quite enough calories daily. Running around 1500-1600 per day and should be around 1800. Upped my breakfast a bit from 1/2c of egg whites to 2/3c and 1 whole egg. Brings the calories closer to 300 and the protein closer to the 30gms I am looking for. Keeping the oatmeal portion the same. Other than that I'm going to add some higher carb value veggies to lunch and dinner, carrots, corn etc.

I have also added a bit of good fat to my diet. In the first 6 weeks I was averaging sub 20g of fat daily. My breakdowns were 53% protein 36% carbs 13%fat. So I have added things like 1tsp of olive oil to the vinager I put on my salad. Some ground flax seeds to my oatmeal in the morning. Making sure I get Salmon at least once per week.

I'll track these changes over the next 2 weeks and see how the results pan out.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 42. 6 Weeks done and why I am loving the BFL lifestyle.

Last day today of my 6th week on BFL. I can honestly say I have given it 100%+ and that feels great. Zero missed workouts and Zero cheating on non free days.

Here is why I am loving BFL.

2 years ago I joined a program called Sure Slim. First off it was $800.00 freakin dollars for this program. They give you a meal plan supposedly based on blood work and tests but in reality is just another very low carb diet. Once a week you went in to see a councilor and weight in. There was no exercise component. That was actually one of their selling points, lose weight without exercise.

Now, I did lose weight on this program. Close to 30lbs in 4 months. After 4months I just could not take the low carbs, I was weak, tired and hungry the whole 4 months. After going off the program I gained all the weight plus more back over the next couple years to my BFL starting point of 245.6lbs.

Fast forward to now.

After 6 weeks of BFL I am fitting into clothes that fit me after 4 months on the other program. The incredible thing is, these clothes are fitting me at 228lbs when before they fit at 210-215lbs. So even though scale weight I am still about 15 lbs above my previous low, the same clothes fit.

I SHUDDER to think of how much muscle loss was associated with the other program. Based on how my clothes are fitting, the only conclusion I can reach is that at least 1/2 of the weight loss on that program was muscle if not more.

With BFL I have exponentially more energy, even on days like today after a hard week and I feel a little beat up, I still have a ton of energy. With the 6 meals a day I'm not hungry between meal times. Yes some days it is very hard to look at another Chicken *** or portion of cottage cheese, but it is sooo worth it.

Half way done and half way to go. Time to step it up even more and really kill these last 6 weeks.

Day 41

Week 6 Day 6

Last day of the week and officially 1/2 way through the 12 week challenge.

Had a decent run for my Cardio day. Bit of a gut ache before I went to the gym but manged to push out a good pace in spite of it. Hit 2.84 for the 20 mins.

Ate my 6 clean but was a bit disappointed with dinner. Chicken breasts I bought were very tough after cooking, couldn't even much of it so had a protein shake (no carbs) to go along with my veggies and sweet potato.

Looking forward to free day and a day of rest from the gym. Haven't figure out what I want for my free meal on Friday night yet. No real cravings for anything right now.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 39 and 40

Week 6 days 4 and 5

Cardio day on Tuesday. Had a great run and really pushed myself. New distance of 2.89.

LBWO yesterday on Day 40. Was pretty good. Upped my weights a touch squats and calf raises. Squats are still killers but really seeing my quads start to pop out now and feeling the workour more that leg press or leg extensions.

Eating was good for both days. Getting kinda tired of chicken so switched up a bit and had a lean steak on tuesday and some baby shrimp yesterday on a salad for my dinners. Starting to slip back into drinking diet pepsi. Need to put a full halt on that again and go back to my iced green tea with meals.

Last day of week six today. Time is a flying.