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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random Thoughts about this journey.

UFC117 was last night and I am a big UFC fan. Normally I head down to the casino sports bar to watch the fights as paying $50.00 for a PPV is kinda steep. I almost decided to rent it at home to remove myself from the temptations. But after thinking about it for the whole day I decided that's a bad move. This is Body-For-Life, not Body-Remove yourself from life.

So I headed down to to watch the fights. I was a bit dismayed when I looked at the menu as it was pretty limited. Mostly all my old favs and not much in the way of a healthy choice. In the end I ordered the grilled Chicken Burger, minus the ham and swiss mayo etc they put on it and a tossed salad. Took off the top bun and ate the chicken with the bun bottom and my salad. Had 1 Molson 67 then diet cola and water after that.

One thing I am finding is for BFL to be successful for me long term, I need to challenge my old self imposed boundaries and habits. To place myself in challenging circumstances and summon the mental strength to meet those challenges. Be it eating right, getting to the gym or pushing for that 10.

Years ago when I attempted and did not finish the 12 week challenge I looked at it primarily as a physical challenge. Maybe age has finally blessed me with the wisdom I lacked back then, but I realize now, this Challenge is 90% (or more) mental.

While every meal I choose to eat clean, every rep on the weight bench and ever mile I run on the treadmill is obviously good for my body, The real benefit is in my mind. Every one of those things builds my confidence just a little more that I can do this.

I feel like somewhere, deep inside, my mind is the proverbial 98lb weakling that used to fold under pressure and make a lot of bad choices. Well, he's no Arnold yet, but it sure feels like he has put on some muscle in the last couple weeks


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