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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 9

Day 9

Cardio day today. Cardio is another much talked about topic on the BFL forums. Is 20 mins enough, should I do more, can I do 40mins of slow instead of 20 mins of HIIT and on and on. At least one new topic a day about cardio shows up.

I personally don't get the confusion. The 20min HIIT cardio is well laid out and easy to understand in the BFL book. How to do it and reason for doing it this way. I think where people struggle is the "Intensity" factor. They think they are hitting a 8 or 9 but in reality they aren't pushing themselves. I know when I get done I don't want to even look at the treadmill until its time for another session.

Every session I am pushing myself harder and faster and farther. Today's "10" was a 9.5mph min 18 followed by a 10.5mph min 19. Up another .5 from Thursday which was up .5 from Tuesday. Total distance was 2.42 up from 2.34. I think I experienced for the first time "runners high" around 17.5 mins today. I fell into my tunes and the rhythm of my breathing, it was like nothing existed but me, and the treadmill a part of me was kinda disappointed when min 19 ended. But only a small part, the rest of me was covered in sweat!

The amazing thing was when I was done not only had I run farther again this session, but when min 19 was done and I went into cool down my heart rate was 163BPM. Last week at the end of the set I was 175ish. So not only farther and faster but more efficient as well.

Finally tracked down a set of body fat calipers so Cathy and I will do that this evening. Another day of eating clean and drinkin my water. Feeling very energetic and pretty damn pumped after the Cardio today.

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