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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 38

Week 6 day 3

Upper Body workout. Had a very good UBWO. Gym was kinda busy so went back to Dumb Bell press and flys for my chest work out. Very pumped by the strength gains I have seen in the last 5+ weeks. My super set was with the same weight I used to do for my 6 rep set.

Last time I did dumb bell press (which was only 2 weeks ago) on my 6 rep set I used 50lbs dumbbells and only got 5 in with a supreme effort. Yesterday I pumped out 6x55lb with no issues. When I started this challenge my 6 rep set for lying tricep extensions was 12.5 lbs per hand. Yesterday after 5 sets of Dips I did extensions for my second exercise of the super set for 12x 15lbs per hand.

Seeing the visual changes in my body is great, but seeing the weights go up and myself getting stronger and stronger each week is equally as motivating. It is allowing me to push myself harder and with more focus in the gym. To really test my mental strength to push past what my mind thinks I can do and prove to myself there are no limitations. To really reach for that elusive 10 and be honest with myself if I haven't reached it that session. To try even harder the next day.

Ate my 6 clean meals, but the timing was a bit screwy. I was called for jury duty selection starting at 9:30 with no food or drink allowed in the court room. So I ate breakfast a bit earlier than normal and my 2nd meal MRS Shake at 9:15. I wasn't selected for the jury and was out around 11:30. But eating early threw the rest of the day off. I ended up with a 4.5hr gap between meal 4 (3:00pm) and meal 5 (7:30pm) as we do our gym session at 6pm due to Cathy's schedule this week.

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