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Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 36 & 37

Week 6 days 1 and 2.

Did our measurements on Sat morning as we always do. Waist down another 1/2 inch, man boobs down another inch.

Had a great leg work out. Squats are still killers. Upped the weight on my calves a bit. It was another UFC night. Went down to a different pub this time. Was very nice to see a grilled salmon dinner with salad and steamed veggies on the menu. Had that with 1 light beer. Another great night for my motivation level to select the right foods even when out instead of saying screw it and ordering a burger and fries or something deep fried.

Cardio yesterday. Legs were still sore from Saturday but unlike last time they warmed up nicely and didn't cause me any problems. Pounded out a new distance at 2.79 hitting 14 as my high point in min 19.

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