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Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 33 and Day 34

Week 5 days 5 and 6

Been a busy but good couple days. Had a good UBWO on Wednesday. Feeling the switch in exercises for sure. Very good Cardio yesteday. Legs felt much better after a couple days rest and was able to push out a new distance record for myself.

Eating has been good and clean. Lots of Chicken breast. Had my weekly Salmon dinner. Need to eat more veggies though. With the hot weather of late I tend to be getting most of my veggies from green salads. Peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, cucumber that kinda stuff. Need to get more leafy veggies like spinach and things like broccoli and cauliflower. Starting to cool down now so hopefully that helps me make the change.

Week 5 in the books. Looking back, maybe not my best week but still a pretty good one. Need to find that next level of intensity in the gym next week. Almost 1/2 way done. Time is really flying.

Free Day time. After last weeks big lasagna dinner out on free day need to really keep this one down to a dull roar. Stay away from the sweets, a reasonable dinner, thinking Sushi as I have been kinda craving it all week. I'm going to try for the next 6 weeks to really curtail free day. Even though I am seeing weight and inches loss every week and gains in strength, the 2 forward one back I saw last week shows what over doing a free day really does. Been backsliding on the Diet Soda a bit as well, not crazy but 1 can a day with dinner. Going to go back to iced green tea and try and cut it out completely again.

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