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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 28 and 29

Week 5 Day 1

After free day I was very happy to start week 5. What a weird thought, I was excited to get back to eating clean and working out after only 1 day off. Started the day like we do every Saturday. Took our Measurements and as it was end of the first month took our pictures again.

First the measurements.

Day 1 Day 28
Weight 245.4 232.4
Neck 17.75 17
Shoulders 53.5 50
Chest 48 46
Waist 48 43.5
Hips 46.5 44.5
Thigh 25 23.5

Hit the gym for UBWO. Good workout. Changed some exercises and really felt it. Ate my 6 clean and got all my water. Was feeling much better by then end of the day, flushed out the rich food from free day. All in all a great start to week 5. Seeing the improvements in my pictures and measurements really helps with the motivation.

Week 4 Day 7.

1 Month complete. 1/3 of the way done. Had a good free day. Went out for Dinner and a movie with Cathy. Went to an Italian place, enjoyed some of the yummy bread, a ceasar salad and lasagna for dinner with a glass of red wine. Didn't eat all the lasagna but made up for that with the bread for sure. Had some popcorn and chocolate at the movies. Felt like a bloated whale by the time we got home!

My god I don't miss that feeling. Finding rich food affects me much more than it used to. My body does NOT react well to it after only 1 month of eating clean. But then, that was part of the reason I wanted to go out and partake this free day. To remind myself of how shitty I used to feel all the time. It was a good lesson for me and one I will be remembering next Friday on free day.

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