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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 24

Week 4 day 3

UBWO. It didn't feel like it was a great workout.. Wasn't quite as focused as previous ones.

I didn't feel like I hit my 10s this time. Did up my weights on chest,back and triceps. Pushed out 50lbss for my 6 rep dumb bell press for my chest. Slowly but surely working my way back to what I could life in my 20s. Still a long way to go but getting closer. Did pull ups again for the back. Man those are killer. I like it though, feels like it works more of the back than rows or pull downs.

Ate my 6 clean meals. Switched it up a bit and had a Protein Shake for my post gym meal instead of whole food as we where running behind schedule .Cathy had a doc's appointment after work and we didn't get home from the gym until 7:30pm.

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