Strong Lifts 5x5

Started April 28 on Stronglifts 5x5. Old school strength training that gets results.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 23

Week 4 day 2

Cardio day. Not a whole lot to talk about. Upped by speeds again by .1 or .2 for each step of the intervals and focused on really pushing through each minute to get the most of out the work out. Ended with a 2.63 distance and sweated buckets.

Ate my 6 clean, got my water. Starting to feel much more fit. While I can see the changes happen I actually feel better than I look quite yet. I feel and move like I'm down 25 or 30 lbs not 12. I compare it to how I felt when I was on the low carb diet I did 2 years ago with no exercise component. The magic of weight lifting and intense cardio is just so amazing. Ya I lost weight on that other diet, but my body didn't feel any stronger or more fit. If anything I felt weak and kinda washed out.

With BFL, every day my body feels stronger and more conditioned. Combined with a proper nutrition plan, it truly is like turning back the clock.

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