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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 21 and Day 22

Week 4 Day 1

My body felt a million times better after have a day off from the gym. Its more like about 40hrs off when you get right down to it. Got to bed early on Thursday and Friday and got lots of sleep, which helped as well.

Lower Body Workout this day. Hit my legs harder than I previously had. Not more babying the legs. Quads especially were great. With the weight of the machine did 370lbs on leg press for my 6 rep set and 300lbs leg press + 140lb leg extension for my super set. Really felt the burn in them for the first time.

Ate my 6 clean meals and did my mental exercises. Its funny, in a weird way eating my clean meals is easier than free day. It is so routine now that I don't even think about it. I find I have toi think more about eating on free day, what do I feel like etc than my normal days. While it may get boring further on eating pretty much the same food every day takes guess work out of it.

Took our measurements this morning. Going to save posting all the stats till end of week 4 is done but so far down a total of 14.5 inches off my body. Lost another inch off my belly last week! Taking our pictures again at the end of this week. Really looking forward to see if the changes are visible. Cathy says she can easily see the changes just looking at me. More importantly she sees the changes in my attitude.

Week 3 day 7 Free Day.
Free day on Friday. Went pretty well. Kept the "free stuff" under control. Ate my normal meals in the am. Had a turkey sandwich on a bagel for lunch, couple slices of pizza for dinner and 1 light beer. Kept that under control much better than last time. As well I bought thin crust which surprisingly had 120 fewer calories per slice than normal pizza. Lttle bit of ice cream for dessert and some popcorn.

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  1. Good job on your LBWO! I know for me it took forever to finally feel the burn in my quads, I had to up my weight so much higher than I ever thought possible. My roommate thought I was crazy when I woke up the next morning dancing around singing 'my quads are sore! my quads are sore!!!!' It's a great feeling :)