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Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 20

Week 3 Day 6

Last day of week 3. Cardio day! Prior to a little pep talk from the wife I was not fired up as I have been. As I said yesterday the body is a bit sore and beat up. That said I got my ass to the gym and gave it my all once I was there. Upped my intervals and over all distance again finishing at 2.61 miles.

But more than the new distance, this was a mental victory for me. Yesterday was the first time so far that I got the "i don't feel like going to the gym" feeling. In the past that would mean skipping a work out. This time with a little help from Cathy, I looked that feeling in the face and beat it down.

Tried on the 6 week size 38 goal pants this morning. Not nearly as tight as they were even last week and pretty close to fitting right. Weighed in this morning. 234.3 lbs. Not quite as big a drop on the scale as the first two weeks, but just trying on those pants first lets me know the scale doesn't tell the whole tale.

Down 11 lbs in 3 weeks is nothing to sneeze at and with the changes I am starting to see in my body its been great! My traps and shoulders are starting to show up again as well as my triceps. Noticing a big improvement in the chest area. Starting to see the underlying muscle and lose the "man boobs".

Free day today. As with the last 2 the only goal of the day is keep it to a dull roar. One free meal, a light beer or two and maybe some popcorn while watching a movie. Cathy asked me yesterday what I wanted for my free meal tonight and I couldn't tell her. Not from being overwhelmed by wants but the exact opposite. I'm not having a special craving for anything in particular like OMG I need some Pizza tonight or a big juicy burger with all the trimmings.

Well that's week 3 in the bag. Motivation level 9 from seeing changes start to show up! On ward into week 4!

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