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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 19

Week 3 day 5.

Upper Body day. My favorite! The gym was very busy for some reason so had to adjust on the fly from the routine we had panned. Switched to Pull-Ups and Dips on the assist tower or what ever you call it. Was a great burn and really showed me after next week I need to switch up the routine. My muscles have definitely started to adapt to the exercises I was doing. My arms were jello after wards as I really pushed from some 10's today.

Ate my 6 clean. It is really just becoming normal routine now. Not really even thinking about it. For the most part I can make my meals tasty and enjoyable, but even when they aren't it's becoming no biggie. I seem to be moving to a place where food is fuel for my body not a security blanket. If it doesn't taste fantastic, oh well. Is it a portion of quality protein and carbs, with some veggie. Ok, good, eat it.

Cardio tonight then a much needed day off. It's not even the food freedom so much as giving my body a good day of rest. Feeling a little beat up after this week. Still have lots of energy but having really focused on reaching for 10's in my training the body is sore. Two good nights sleep with no workout will do me great.

Hard to believe 3 weeks are up. 1/4 of the way through already.

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