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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 18

Week 3 Day 4

Cardio time again. Had a good run, sweating buckets by the time it was over. Really feeling great after a good run now. Pushed my distance to 2.58 miles.

Ate my 6 clean and got all my water in again. Feeling very good about the food part of this challenge. Almost 3 weeks done and no cheating at all. Feeling energetic and not hungry between meals. Not craving sweets nearly as much as I thought I would. Mixing in a chocolate meal replacement shake in the afternoon has helped with that I think but more so I am coming to realize the sweets were more habit than anything. Once I detoxed off the sugar I find I don't miss them. A little ice cream is a nice treat on free day, but not something I need on a daily basis.

Overall Week 3 has been a great week so far. My workouts have all been top notch, really looking forward to the gym and Upper Body today.

A shout out to any of the BFL forum goers than may drop by. You guys are great!

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