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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 17

Week 3 Day 3

Lower Body day. Had a good work out but still struggling to find my "10" doing legs. I think I am still holding back and under estimating how much my legs can actually lift. I know part of it is not wanting sore legs to affect my Cardio days, but I need to get past that. Went back to the Captain's Chair for my main ab work. That thing is the Devil, but man it is a huge mental pump when I can get the sets in. Finished my superset with crunchs on the swiss ball.

Ate my 6 clean again today. Food cravings at a minimal. The internal changes are really happening for me. I feel much better than my outer body shows yet. Tons of energy. Feeling much stronger and my muscles are starting to firm up. It doesn't show a lot yet but when I flex a muscle I can feel it is much harder than it was previously.

Noticed a big change while doing yard work this last weekend. No sore back after trimming and cutting the lawn. Can't wait for the outer me to catch up with the inner me.

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