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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 14 and 15

Day 15. Week 3 day 1.

Did our measurements this morning. down 2" in waist. Pretty much everything else the same. Shoulders are up a little bit, starting to see some muscle growth there.Took some 2 week pics. No huge changes but definitely some changes. Stomach and love handles smaller for sure.

Did our normal Sat morning running around. Shopping and misc errands. Restocked on good nutritious food. Lots of chicken as always, cottage cheese, yogurt etc.

Hit the gym around 1:30 for upper body workout. Had a great workout. Pushing 45's for my dumb bell press 6 rep set. Shoulders up to 27.5. Triceps and Biceps the same as last week but felt a bit easier today. Should be able to up the weight on them next week.

Felt good to get back to clean eating even though I didn't go crazy yesterday. Going out to watch UFC117 tonight at the pub. Good test of my will power. Feeling pretty confident that I can pass up on the crap.

Day 14 Free Day #2

Stuck to pretty normal eating through the day. Had some Chinese food and a couple Molson 67's for dinner but kept it in control better than with the pizza last week. Filled up mostly on Won Ton soup and stayed away from deep fried food. Had a little ice cream later in the evening and some light popcorn while watching a movie. Felt good. Ate enough to quiet any cravings but not so much I had a belly ache or felt like crap in the morning.

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