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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 13

WoW, end of week 2 already. Time she is a flyin'. At the start of this 12 weeks sounds like a long time, but once I wrapped my head around the fact that time is going to pass no matter what I am doing, why not invest that 12 weeks in the best way possible for my health.

Cardio yesterday was fantastic. New highs in speed for each interval and overall distance for the 20 mins. 2.48 miles. Closing in on my 12 week goal of 2.5 miles already. Is 3 miles in 20 reachable? Don't know until I try!

236lbs this morning. Down 9 lbs so far. We will bust out the calipers and tape measure on Sat morning again. Doing measurements on the day AFTER free day is a little extra motivation for me not to over indulge on free day. Keep things clean during the day with a small free meal tonight.

Overall a great week. Hit all my workouts and ate clean all week. Onto week 3!

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