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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 12

Things trucking along nicely this week. Ate my 6 clean again, drank lots of water. Stopped in to see my Mom yesterday and walked into a house smelling oh so heavenly of freshly baked buns. They had just come out of the oven and looked and smelled oh so good. Talk about childhood memories rushing into my head. I resisted, but had to sit outside on the patio while I visited, the smell was breaking down my walls!

Note to self, only visit Mom on Fridays when I can have a nice warm bun fresh from the oven!

Lower Body yesterday. Had a good but not great workout. Time to up the weights a bit on quads and calves.

Working on getting up 1hr earlier to take Sadie for a walk every morning. She loves it and we do half walking, half light jogging for about 45mins. Maybe a mile, mile and a half of light cardio. Gets my heart rate up a bit and kinda stokes the inner engine for the day. Weather is just so beautiful seems a shame not to get out and enjoy it before work.

That's all for today. Motivation rating 8.5. Resisting those fresh buns gave me a lot of self confidence that I can control the food not the other way around!

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