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Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 28th

Day 5 Upper Body Workout.

Where the hell are my days going? Because Cathy starts work so early (5:30am) we are doing our gym sessions in the evening after work. Work all day, get off work go to the gym, do some running around come home, shower, eat and bam its almost or after 8:00pm already. Watch a bit of TV, eat my 9:00pm meal and in bed by 10:00pm.

Its only been a week but I wonder what I did to fill up that time before. Watch TV for hrs or play on the computer I guess. One thing is for sure I am sleeping like a log at night. Sorry for all the snoring Cathy, but I am like REALLY tired come bed time now. A good tired but tired all the same.

Hit the gym on schedule at 5:30pm. Work out was good but not great. Parts of it were great, Chest and back in particular but shoulders and triceps were a struggle. Oh well just have to keep pushing it, won't get stronger any other way.

Wondering if I am getting enough protein. Need to really monitor it next week.

Ate clean for all 6 again yesterday. Had a small hiccup in the meal plan. Cathy wanted to go to the Casino for a weekly draw, which was at 7pm. We finished the Gym at 6:40pm so no time to go home and cook the chicken I had planned. Instead we bought a MRS at the shake bar at the gym. No biggie but hopefully a sign of the times. Would have been pretty easy to just order dinner at the Casino and blow the days eating.

Physically I am feeling great. Noticed that I haven't needed a Tums all week instead of the 1-2 I would chew a day for heartburn. I feel much more focused all day, no afternoon blahs (which I am sure was coming down from a sugar spike after lunch). REally looking forward to doing my first week measurements tomorrow night.

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