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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 27

Day 4

Day4 went really well. Cardio was HARD! after the lower body work out the day before. 5 mins in my calves were screaming at me to stop. I pushed through it and really felt like I hit a 10 in min 19. Covered 2.2 (kilometers? Miles? not sure what he machine calculates) in my 20 mins on the treadmill. Pumped for the Upper Body workout today, by far my favorite day at the gym.

Followed my meal plan and got my 6 clean meals in. Surprisingly few cravings for sweets so far this week and not feeling hungry in between meals.. As that has always been my Achilles heel I expected it to be much harder than it has been so far. I'm sure will come though. Just have to be prepared.

Couldn't resist stepping the scale this morning even though I know I shouldn't look until end of week 4. 241.2lbs Down 4lbs already! Water weight or true weight loss not sure but either way was very motivating to see. I know I need to NOT get to high as the scale won't move like that every week. Taking measurements Thursday night before "free-day".

Hmm free day. The much talked about subject on the BFL forums. I know me and I know if I just give myself free reign things will go to hell. I'll skip meals, eat to much junk and hit the skids mentally.

So, I have decided to Plan my free day. Is a planned free day really a free day? In my mind yes it is. I am "free" to decide what I want to eat and do on the free day. As much as I try to deny it, I make the choices for what I eat not the food. It's me and only me that got me to where I am today.

So I am going to exercise my freedom and not pig out. The day is planned and on paper. I am going to follow my normal meal plan for most of the day with the except of having some pizza and beer for dinner. I know mentally if I get to strict I will quit on this so I have to be realistic. A few slices of Pizza and a beer will give my body and mind what it needs (for now) to know I'm not starving and give me the will power to see another positive week.

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