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Monday, July 26, 2010

July 24th

Day 1!

So pumped to get started. Sat down with Cathy and planned out our meals for the weekend and the workouts for the week. We then took our pictures and measurements.

Looking at my "before" pictures was both depressing and motivating at the same time.

Day 1 measurements.

Neck 17.5"
Chest 47.25"
Shoulder (girth) 53.5
Bicep 14.5
Forearm 12.25
Waist 48" Le gasp!
Hips 46.25"
Thigh 24.5"
Calves 16"
Height 71"
Weight 245.4lbs

Using the Body Fat F Calculator here :
34.76% BF
159.84lbs lean Mucles
85.16lbs Fat

I just did the tape measure as I don't have calipers but I figure its good for a Ball Park est. and as long as I use the same one every week it will give me consistent results.

I was kinda shocked at how out of shape and frankly fat I had gotten again.

After some running around this morning, grocery shopping and such we got to the gym and got started with our Upper Body workout at 1:55 finishing up around 2:50. Egads I am so weak compared to my 20's. Still, was a great workout and felt amazing afterwards.

Cathy is so great. After all my previous half hearted attempts to get to the gym and get in shape, she is still backing me. So much so she is doing the entire program with me. Just knowing she is in it 100% with me is giving me the fire to really keep my self promises this time.

Was a good day on the eating front. No problems sticking to the, hmm I won't call it a diet because it's not. Let call it eating clean. I had no problems eating clean yesterday. Because of all the running around only got 5 of the six planned meals in. Have to do better!

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