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Friday, July 30, 2010

Jul 29th - End of Week 1

Day 6 Done!

WoW, first week in the books. Man the time flew. Just getting in the routine of eating clean and getting to the gym soaked up 90% of my free time this week. I think grand total of TV hrs from Sat to Last night was 1/2hr a night watching the Daily Show plus a couple episodes of Entourage on DVD. Top end 4hrs of TV...for an entire week! That was one nights worth easily before. Used to sit on my ass from 6pm to 10-10:30 almost every night.

Had a great Cardio yesterday. Pushed my speed up a notch for every min included the dreaded min 19. Topped out at 10mph for min 19. New distance record for me of 2.34. Around min 10 I thought I had bitten off a bit to much but its was just dig deep time, focus, breathe and push the pace. Felt amazing doing my cool down and looking at the distance covered and the pool of sweat beneath me.

Free day has arrived with all the apprehension of going over board and feeling like shit tomorrow. Need to be strong and stick to the planned free-day I laid out. So far so good, had my normal breaky and its almost shake time. I know I can do this, I have Pizza and light beer to look forward to tonight so no need to blow it during the day. I want to feel good tomorrow for the start of week 2, not stumble into it with a food hangover and upset stomach.

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