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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Free Day and Day 1 Week 2

Random Thought: What is it about Jimi Hendrix that makes me want to smoke a joint? I hear one of his songs come on the Ipod while mowing the lawn and I just want to spark one up and float in his guitar solos.

Anyways, Free Day was good. Stuck to the plan. Ate clean until dinner. Had probably one more slice of Pizza than I should have washed down with a couple Molson 67's, small piece of cherry pie and some frozen yogurt. Had some light popcorn with while watching a flick.

Fraking heaven let me tell you. Until about 45mins later and my stomach was upset.

It's amazing when you aren't loading the body down continuously with junk how it will let you know it doesn't like it. Normally I'm eating so much crap that my body always feels that way, after 6 days of fueling up on good food it let me know.

Start of week 2 today. Cathy and I took our measurements this morning. Nothing really of note except my belly is down 2"! Down over all the spots about 3.5".

Did our shopping for the week and some running around then hit the gym for our LBWO. AGAIN I couldn't get on the leg press machine and had to switch to Leg extensions for my quads. So quads were a bit bleh. The Extension machine from the circuit training section just doesn't have enough weight me for me. Doing my set of 6 on the heaviest setting and I could have done 12 easy. Squats for the super set was good though.

Abs OMG Abs. We did our ab sets today on the Captain's Chair with the super set incline sit ups. See the picture above. Designed by the devil! I don't think I have ever felt my abs burn like that before! After the 6 rep set I thought there was no way in hell I could get back up and do 12.

Felt good to get back to eating clean. Meals are a bit off time wise due to Sat morning errands but I'll get all 6 in.

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