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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Free Day and Day 1 Week 2

Random Thought: What is it about Jimi Hendrix that makes me want to smoke a joint? I hear one of his songs come on the Ipod while mowing the lawn and I just want to spark one up and float in his guitar solos.

Anyways, Free Day was good. Stuck to the plan. Ate clean until dinner. Had probably one more slice of Pizza than I should have washed down with a couple Molson 67's, small piece of cherry pie and some frozen yogurt. Had some light popcorn with while watching a flick.

Fraking heaven let me tell you. Until about 45mins later and my stomach was upset.

It's amazing when you aren't loading the body down continuously with junk how it will let you know it doesn't like it. Normally I'm eating so much crap that my body always feels that way, after 6 days of fueling up on good food it let me know.

Start of week 2 today. Cathy and I took our measurements this morning. Nothing really of note except my belly is down 2"! Down over all the spots about 3.5".

Did our shopping for the week and some running around then hit the gym for our LBWO. AGAIN I couldn't get on the leg press machine and had to switch to Leg extensions for my quads. So quads were a bit bleh. The Extension machine from the circuit training section just doesn't have enough weight me for me. Doing my set of 6 on the heaviest setting and I could have done 12 easy. Squats for the super set was good though.

Abs OMG Abs. We did our ab sets today on the Captain's Chair with the super set incline sit ups. See the picture above. Designed by the devil! I don't think I have ever felt my abs burn like that before! After the 6 rep set I thought there was no way in hell I could get back up and do 12.

Felt good to get back to eating clean. Meals are a bit off time wise due to Sat morning errands but I'll get all 6 in.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Jul 29th - End of Week 1

Day 6 Done!

WoW, first week in the books. Man the time flew. Just getting in the routine of eating clean and getting to the gym soaked up 90% of my free time this week. I think grand total of TV hrs from Sat to Last night was 1/2hr a night watching the Daily Show plus a couple episodes of Entourage on DVD. Top end 4hrs of TV...for an entire week! That was one nights worth easily before. Used to sit on my ass from 6pm to 10-10:30 almost every night.

Had a great Cardio yesterday. Pushed my speed up a notch for every min included the dreaded min 19. Topped out at 10mph for min 19. New distance record for me of 2.34. Around min 10 I thought I had bitten off a bit to much but its was just dig deep time, focus, breathe and push the pace. Felt amazing doing my cool down and looking at the distance covered and the pool of sweat beneath me.

Free day has arrived with all the apprehension of going over board and feeling like shit tomorrow. Need to be strong and stick to the planned free-day I laid out. So far so good, had my normal breaky and its almost shake time. I know I can do this, I have Pizza and light beer to look forward to tonight so no need to blow it during the day. I want to feel good tomorrow for the start of week 2, not stumble into it with a food hangover and upset stomach.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 28th

Day 5 Upper Body Workout.

Where the hell are my days going? Because Cathy starts work so early (5:30am) we are doing our gym sessions in the evening after work. Work all day, get off work go to the gym, do some running around come home, shower, eat and bam its almost or after 8:00pm already. Watch a bit of TV, eat my 9:00pm meal and in bed by 10:00pm.

Its only been a week but I wonder what I did to fill up that time before. Watch TV for hrs or play on the computer I guess. One thing is for sure I am sleeping like a log at night. Sorry for all the snoring Cathy, but I am like REALLY tired come bed time now. A good tired but tired all the same.

Hit the gym on schedule at 5:30pm. Work out was good but not great. Parts of it were great, Chest and back in particular but shoulders and triceps were a struggle. Oh well just have to keep pushing it, won't get stronger any other way.

Wondering if I am getting enough protein. Need to really monitor it next week.

Ate clean for all 6 again yesterday. Had a small hiccup in the meal plan. Cathy wanted to go to the Casino for a weekly draw, which was at 7pm. We finished the Gym at 6:40pm so no time to go home and cook the chicken I had planned. Instead we bought a MRS at the shake bar at the gym. No biggie but hopefully a sign of the times. Would have been pretty easy to just order dinner at the Casino and blow the days eating.

Physically I am feeling great. Noticed that I haven't needed a Tums all week instead of the 1-2 I would chew a day for heartburn. I feel much more focused all day, no afternoon blahs (which I am sure was coming down from a sugar spike after lunch). REally looking forward to doing my first week measurements tomorrow night.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 27

Day 4

Day4 went really well. Cardio was HARD! after the lower body work out the day before. 5 mins in my calves were screaming at me to stop. I pushed through it and really felt like I hit a 10 in min 19. Covered 2.2 (kilometers? Miles? not sure what he machine calculates) in my 20 mins on the treadmill. Pumped for the Upper Body workout today, by far my favorite day at the gym.

Followed my meal plan and got my 6 clean meals in. Surprisingly few cravings for sweets so far this week and not feeling hungry in between meals.. As that has always been my Achilles heel I expected it to be much harder than it has been so far. I'm sure will come though. Just have to be prepared.

Couldn't resist stepping the scale this morning even though I know I shouldn't look until end of week 4. 241.2lbs Down 4lbs already! Water weight or true weight loss not sure but either way was very motivating to see. I know I need to NOT get to high as the scale won't move like that every week. Taking measurements Thursday night before "free-day".

Hmm free day. The much talked about subject on the BFL forums. I know me and I know if I just give myself free reign things will go to hell. I'll skip meals, eat to much junk and hit the skids mentally.

So, I have decided to Plan my free day. Is a planned free day really a free day? In my mind yes it is. I am "free" to decide what I want to eat and do on the free day. As much as I try to deny it, I make the choices for what I eat not the food. It's me and only me that got me to where I am today.

So I am going to exercise my freedom and not pig out. The day is planned and on paper. I am going to follow my normal meal plan for most of the day with the except of having some pizza and beer for dinner. I know mentally if I get to strict I will quit on this so I have to be realistic. A few slices of Pizza and a beer will give my body and mind what it needs (for now) to know I'm not starving and give me the will power to see another positive week.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 26th

Day 3 is in the bag.

Had a great lower body workout and ate 6 clean meals. Was wondering how sore my legs would be in the morning but so far feel pretty good. Cathy was watching her reality TV show last night so I spent a good hour on the deck re-reading some BFL success stories and just wrapping my head around my goals.

Really need to work on the visualization process and get my head on straight that this needs to be a Lifestyle change not just a 12 week program to lose weight. If I don't, it will be like all the other times. Lose weight only to gain it back over the next year again.

Having Cathy do this with me is just so great for our relationship. Spending lots of quality time together and really talking about stuff for what seems like the first time in years. It has shook up the routine that settles in after being together for over 12 years now.

Looking forward to Cardio today.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 2 July 25th.

Day 2.

Downloaded some pics for my inspiration poster. LOL, seeing Cathy drooling over them was motivating!

Eating clean was no problem again. Got in all 6 meals on schedule. Didn't feel hungry or that I was stinting myself.

Hit the gym at 12:30 for our Cardio day. Cathy thought she would have trouble doing the 20 mins but the rock star she is she pushed it out no problems. I was nervous as well before we got going. Can I still do 20 mins of HIIT cardio and not keel over? Turned out I can. Had a great run and was sweating buckets by the time it was done.

Looking forward to the lower body work out tomorrow.

July 24th

Day 1!

So pumped to get started. Sat down with Cathy and planned out our meals for the weekend and the workouts for the week. We then took our pictures and measurements.

Looking at my "before" pictures was both depressing and motivating at the same time.

Day 1 measurements.

Neck 17.5"
Chest 47.25"
Shoulder (girth) 53.5
Bicep 14.5
Forearm 12.25
Waist 48" Le gasp!
Hips 46.25"
Thigh 24.5"
Calves 16"
Height 71"
Weight 245.4lbs

Using the Body Fat F Calculator here :
34.76% BF
159.84lbs lean Mucles
85.16lbs Fat

I just did the tape measure as I don't have calipers but I figure its good for a Ball Park est. and as long as I use the same one every week it will give me consistent results.

I was kinda shocked at how out of shape and frankly fat I had gotten again.

After some running around this morning, grocery shopping and such we got to the gym and got started with our Upper Body workout at 1:55 finishing up around 2:50. Egads I am so weak compared to my 20's. Still, was a great workout and felt amazing afterwards.

Cathy is so great. After all my previous half hearted attempts to get to the gym and get in shape, she is still backing me. So much so she is doing the entire program with me. Just knowing she is in it 100% with me is giving me the fire to really keep my self promises this time.

Was a good day on the eating front. No problems sticking to the, hmm I won't call it a diet because it's not. Let call it eating clean. I had no problems eating clean yesterday. Because of all the running around only got 5 of the six planned meals in. Have to do better!